This Regulation lays down rules for reservation and use of the services offered by Włodzimierz Sokół MAKE and SELL, NIP: 9492052733, os. Dywizjonu 14/118, 31-872 Cracow in the range of services on the portal -, hereinafter referred to as: Organizer of the Game. For the purposes of these Regulations by the Organizer Games will also mean its representatives.


1.1. Organizer of the Game offer entertainment organizer of placing the participants in the room with puzzles and hints. The objective of the game is dependent on the selected room.
1.2. The game takes place in the premises of the Organizer of the Game - ul. Dietla 29, 31-070 Kraków.
1.3. By entering the Games entrants consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of carrying out the Games in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. On the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002. No. 101, pos. 926, póź .).
1.4. Any person making a reservation game in is required to read these rules and to communicate its content to other participants in the game.


2.1. For the game you are entering at your own risk.
2.2. If the game will involve people under 13 years of age without a guardian or a person with disabilities must first report it to the person leading the game, which may allow a person issued with one game, decide to allot an extra person to care or refuse to participate.
2.3. The players must appear 10 minutes before the booked time. In the case of delays over 15 minutes playing time will be limited.
2.4. Playing time is 60 minutes.
2.5. In one scenario, you may participate at this level as indicated by the information on the in the section devoted to the description rooms.
2.6. For rooms, you can not bring bags, backpacks and dangerous objects.
2.7. For the duration of the game, turn off the cell. Gameplay is monitored.
2.8. Categorically forbidden to take photos, making movies and recording under the threat of a financial penalty.
2.9. Scenarios games are restricted by copyright in particular, they may not be copied and published in any form.
2.10. The property is completely non-smoking.
2.11. The game can not participate intoxicated persons or under the influence of drugs. The person leading has the right to refuse to participate in fun group, in which there is a person who does not comply with this rule.
2.12. The game is not advisable for people suffering from claustrophobia and mental illness.
2.13. Participants are responsible for in-room amenities and, if damages are responsible for them financially.
2.14. Persons failing to comply with these rules may be removed from the premises.
2.15. The game rules can be changed without prior notice

3. Payment and booking.

3.1. When making a booking you agree to the arrival of the dates. If you do not cancel the reservation at least 48 hours from the booking date when payment is forfeited. Conversely, if the canceled booking in advance more than 48 hours this deposit can be transferred to another date. Cancellation can be made by phone - phone number can be found under "contact" available at
3.2. Games organizer allows 3 types of payments: bank transfer, cash and voucher. It is not possible to pay by credit card on the spot.
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