Detective Room

The Detective is missing - apparently, he was close to solving a mysterious case. Nobody knows what happened to him or what case he was working on. Will you help? Your job is to follow the clues left by the Detective, find out what he was able to discover before he disappeared, and above all else - explain where he is now and what was his mysterious case. There are rumours, that someone may be involved in his disappearance. If so, they may come back to his room to disguise their traces. You have one hour to find out the truth! The finale will be very surprising!


Secret Military Room

You will turn into spies. After many years we finally made it! We found out the location of the secret room in a military base. The problem with the room is that it is very well secured, and therefore getting into it is quite a challenge. Luckily, we have a chance to let you in. However, you have to figure out how to get out - as soon as we let you in, guards will appear behind the doors. Your mission is to obtain secret files and escape unnoticed...


House in the Magic Forest

You were wandering with friends and suddenly noticed a strange door. You decided to go through it and... you found yourselves in a very unusual place - in the middle of the forest. This reminded you about a legend about a beautiful and mysterious forest, from which only a few were able to come back. Those who made it spend in the forest not more than an hour. You have to leave this place before midnight and 23:00 is on the clock...


Escape Challenge
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